Workshop: Next-Level Discovery Skills That Drive Retention & Growth

One of the trickiest Customer Success Management skills to develop is discovery. You have to ask strategic questions to uncover critical information that leads to effective action. That's why in this workshop, we'll share the key insights and strategies you need to level up your discovery skills and crush your goals. Plus, we'll provide you with a takeaway activity worksheet you can use to hone your new skills even further!

Meet Your Instructor

Siobhan Alexander
Director of Customer Success @ Catalyst

Truly understand your customers.

When a CSM isn’t asking the right questions, it’s difficult to know the customer’s goals, needs, and sentiment. Through active listening and discovery skills, CSMs can establish a strategic partnership with the customer to feel heard, understood, and guided.

Drive meaningful conversations.

You can’t build trust through surface-level conversations. Customers need a trusted advisor who they can lean on throughout their journey, and for CSMs, this means going deeper into customer interactions (and yes, that includes asking tough questions).

Identify risks and opportunities.

Will the customer renew? Is it time for an upsell? Data serves as a great leading indicator, but it’s not definitive. Intentional questions can give the CSM the insights they need that will inform what the best next steps are on an account.

What you’ll learn:

How to amplify your listening skills
The art and science of discovery
How to use different question types effectively
How to ask better follow up questions