No Fluff: What Is Data-Driven CS & How Do You Do It [Webinar]

To be a truly data-driven CS team, you need a CS platform, a data warehouse, and an analytics platform. But why is that? What do each of these platforms do, and how do they work together to power data-driven decisions? And while we’re at it, what does being data-driven actually look like?

We’re bringing together leaders from Heap (Analytics), Snowflake (Data Warehouse), and Catalyst (CS platform) to skip the fluff and tell you exactly what you need to know regarding technology, tactics, and specific achievable outcomes.

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Meet the Panelists

Edward Chiu
Co-founder & CEO
Veronica Dasovich
Sr. Director of Customer Success
Tobin Bennion
Sales, Data Marketplace

Identify Desired Outcomes.

Being data-driven can lead to countless fantastic results, but it’s important to identify your most critical desired outcomes, as this will inform exactly what you need to do.

Learn The Technology.

You don’t have to be a technology wiz to be data-driven, but you do need to understand the key fundamentals of data warehouses, analytics tools, and CS platforms.

Weave It All Together.

Instead of telling you how to weave these tools together to achieve your desired outcomes, Heap will show you exactly how they leverage Snowflake, Heap, and Catalyst to be incredibly data-driven, including their workflows, results, and more.

What You’ll Learn

What it means to be data-driven (in real terms, no fluff)
What outcomes being data-driven leads to
What technology is required to achieve those outcomes
What the exact workflows look like to achieve each one

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