How Bringg Achieved A 25-Point NPS Increase While Scaling With Catalyst

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Bringg needed to enhance the level of a partner-led relationship with their customers, so they decided to monitor customer satisfaction using Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Bringg invested in Catalyst to centralize all its customer data into one platform and streamline its Customer Success workflows to improve visibility into customer health, potential escalations, and engagement data.

This enabled Bringg to act faster, enhance customer relationships and improve the CS team’s effectiveness, ultimately leading to a 25-point increase in NPS.

The Challenge

Bringg is scaling up—and that means a huge customer success need.

Bringg is a delivery management platform provider, enabling market leading brands to scale their ecommerce business with innovative fulfillment and delivery technology. Founded in 2013, the company found product-market fit early, continued to grow, and in 2021 secured in its series E round $100 million to scale its product offering and grow its market share.

Andy Harris joined the company in Q2 2021 as one of its Customer Success Directors and part of a new Customer Success Leadership team with the explicit goal of operationalizing and scaling up the customer success team to become a strong growth driver for the organization. In order to drive growth, the first order of business was to centralize all customer data to give CSMs and CS Leadership line of sight throughout the customer portfolio.

“As we scale the whole company from startup to enterprise, customer success is a critical part of the organization,” said Andy. “The problem was we had no visibility. CSMs didn’t have easy access to customer health scores and the Executive Leadership Team didn’t have any visibility into how customer success was performing. We needed a platform that wouldbring all customer success data under one roof and give us the visibility we required to grow the business.

”To accomplish Bringg’s need for customer data centralization, the company began looking for a customer success platform that could be a single source of truth for the team. Further, Andy wanted to ensure that the platform Bringg implemented would provide visibility for executives into overall company performance from customer success, and help them continually improve their customer experience (measured with NPS).

Ultimately, Bringg chose Catalyst as its customer success platform.


The Solution

How Bringg used Catalyst to Scale while Improving NPS Organization

As Bringg scales, the customer success team is responsible not only for retaining customers but also a 30% net account growth goal. Catalyst helps the team deliver on these growth goals by centralizing all customer data into one dashboard and making it easy to track customer health and inform CSM actions.

This leads to three specific benefits that empower the CS team to be part of Bringg’s scaling story.

1. Providing Structure and Alerts to CSMs

Prior to using Catalyst, Bringg CSMs’ roles evolved and had several definitions of what a CSM was supposed to do. This made it hard to measure individual performance beyond retention metrics.

Within Catalyst, Bringg’s CS dashboard makes it simple for CSMs to see the health scores and net promoter scores of their accounts and proactively reach out to nurture (or mend) relationships. This not only provides clarity on what actions a CSM needs to take with an assigned account, but it saves them time as well because they have a purpose-built tool rather than trying to customize a Salesforce instance to their unique needs.

Andy shared the example of one large customer that had low health scores and NPS, but hadn’t brought anything up yet to their CSM. When the CSM reached out, the customer was about to cancel their contract, however, thanks to the CSM’s outreach, prompted by Catalyst, they had enough time to not only save the deal, but eventually upsell that customer as well.

“It’s giving CSMs the tool they need to do their job,” said Andy. “It’s as simple as that.”“Catalyst gives all CSMs a structured tool to run their days and do their best work. And when they do their best, customers are happy. When customers are happy, renewals and expansions come naturally.”
Andy Harris, Customer Success Director, Bringg

2. Executive Visibility into CS Team Performance

According to Andy, the Catalyst dashboard is so easy to use that many members of the Executive Leadership Team leverage Catalyst on a regular basis for business planning and financial decision making meetings.

Catalyst has also been helpful for the CS team to see their own performance, giving full visibility into which customers are happy, less engaged, or a churn risk. This means even in the case of a customer canceling their subscription, Andy has insight into why the customer quit and how the CS team can mitigate those issues in the future.

“I would be very hard pressed if a customer churned and we didn’t already know about it and we weren’t able to identify it before,” said Andy.

3. Costs Efficiencies

Bringg has a large CS team that primarily serves Enterprise clients, meaning contract values are high, but the actual number of customers is lower compared to companies that serve SMB or Mid-Market customers. This makes seat-based tools really expensive, but because of Catalyst’s strategic pricing model, Bringg sees massive financial savings.


Whats Coming Next

To Sales & Beyond!

Bringg accomplished a lot in the first six months after implementing Catalyst (including an NPS increase of 25 points!), and this is only the beginning. To continue supporting the company as it scales, Andy wants to turn the customer success team into a cross-functional team that collaborates with services, sales and product.

Bringg’s professional services arm has already started using Catalyst to identify when customers may need services assistance, which drives new revenue streams on top of traditional renewals and upsells of Bringg’s software. Furthermore, Andy uses Catalyst for technical account management requests as well, since feature requests are logged on the platform and assigned to the customer who made the request.

In time, Andy hopes to expand the Catalyst engagement in order to continue providing the company visibility into all Bringg’s customers.


With Catalyst, we’re able to be the customers’ growth catalysts, as well as the ones providing Bringg a clear and timely reflection of our customers’ health.

Andy Harris

Customer Success Director, Bringg

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